Doctor Testifies on COVID Vaccine Dangers to Texas Senate Committee

Doctor Testifies on COVID Vaccine Dangers to Texas Senate Committee

The Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs heard testimony from doctors recently in regard to a senate bill aimed at preventing forced vaccination and vaccine passports in Texas. The bill, sponsored by Senator Bob Hall, comes as corporations are threatening employers with being fired if they refuse to take the covid vaccine and as the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VEARS) reports some 4,000 deaths and many more adverse events.

Dr. Angelina Farella, a Texas pediatrician with 25 years of experience, offered her testimony.  “I have come here today to protect our children of Texas. This is a very scary situation that we’re in right now.”

Sen. Hall noted that animal tests on coronavirus vaccines were stopped after the animals began dying. “They didn’t do the human testing,” Hall said, “and they stopped the animal tests, because the animals were dying. And then they turned it [the vaccine] out for the public. And we are now looking at businesses that want to mandate that this experimental vaccine be given to people as a condition of their employment, and yet we have this death count that continues to rise and be totally ignored.”

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Sen. Hall questioned the doctor: “Has there been another vaccine that had the high incidents of serious hospitalizations and deaths that this vaccine is now showing?

Dr. Farella: “Not to this extent. Not even close.”

Sen. Hall: “Any other vaccine would’ve been pulled from the market?”

Dr. Farella: “Absolutely.”

Sen. Hall: “Have you seen any other vaccine that was put out to the public that skipped the animal test?”

Dr. Farella: “Never before.”

Sen. Hall: “As I have read, they actually started the animal tests, and because the animals were dying, they stopped the tests.”

Dr. Farella: “Correct.”

Doctor Testifies on COVID Vaccine Dangers to Texas Senate Committee

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Dr. Farella pointed out that she’s not an “anti-vaxxer,” and in fact, she’s given “tens of thousands” of vaccines in her office. “I am very pro-vax, actually, except when it comes to this covid vaccine…. We are currently allowing children 16, 17 years old to get this vaccine, and they were never studied in this trial… Never before in history have we given medications that were not FDA approved to people who were not initially studied in the trial. There were no trial patients under the age of 18… They’re extrapolating the data from adults down to children and adolescents. This is not acceptable. Children are not little adults.”

“Children have 99.997 percent survivability from the covid,” Dr. Farella said. “Let me repeat that for you all to understand: 99.997 percent.”

A note regarding animal deaths in coronavirus vaccine tests: According to Dr. Lee Merritt, animal tests on coronavirus vaccines using cats and ferrets resulted in what were at first believed to be successful vaccines. However, after the animals were exposed to the wild virus, instead of weakening the virus, the vaccine’s “stylized immuno-response” caused the virus to enter the animal’s body like a Trojan horse. “And then it replicated without checking and killed the cat with overwhelming sepsis and cardiac failure,” Dr. Merritt said. “And that happened in the ferrets. That happened every time they’ve tried this. We have never made it through an animal study successfully for this type of virus.”

Written by Max McNabb