The Freebie Guy is a Bargain-Hunting Texan You Need to Know

The Freebie Guy is a Bargain-Hunting Texan You Need to Know

The Freebie Guy is a Texan named Kendall Motzny. The Arlington resident has made it his career and his mission to help people find bargains. He also plays Santa all year round by donating most of his finds to nonprofits.

Motzny’s zeal for bargain hunting and for giving away his purchases to needy families and charities has brought him national recognition. He has over 6 million followers across his social media channels at @thefreebieguy, with 1M followers on Instagram alone.

Raised in poverty by a single mom, the Freebie Guy found his gift at a young age. He learned how to call 1-800 numbers (since they were free), asking for more information. He also asked for samples from the companies involved, and a lot of time they actually sent them. As he matured, Motzny’s shopping techniques also evolved. He started to use couponing, sweepstakes, clearance sales, and giveaways.

The Freebie Guy Shares Finds

The Freebie Guy is a Bargain-Hunting Texan You Need to Know

Photo: The Freebie Guy photo by Greg Halacka

Since he was really good at finding bargains and even free items, Motzny started sharing his finds on social media. His audience grew until being the Freebie Guy became his full-time job. He believes that every child should have gifts for their birthday and holiday season. Throughout the year, Motzny buys candy and toys to pass out at charities and to low-income communities.

As the leading influencer in Extreme Clearance Shopping, the Freebie Guy provides cost-saving tips, best deals, birthday freebies, and the newest sweepstakes and giveaways to his followers. A celebrity wherever he goes, Motzny is often stopped by people asking to take selfies with him.

“I post content about discounts, giveaways, and freebies because I enjoy it, and it helps people. I like to show people that saving money and getting free stuff is both beneficial AND so much fun,” he said.

CBS 11 Super 1

The Freebie Guy is a Bargain-Hunting Texan You Need to Know

Photo: Greg Halacka

Motzny also donates his incredible finds every week to charities that help with children and single mothers. Even better, he convinces other influencers and followers across the nation to do the same thing.

“I buy the gifts [to donate], because the prices are so insane that it’s hard NOT to buy it; figuring out and giving to a charity that can use the items is the icing on the cake,” Motzny said.

He was recently named one of eleven “Super Ones” by CBS DFW for his good works and for inspiring others to do the same. Here is a link to the segment.

Dwell with Dignity

The Freebie Guy is a Bargain-Hunting Texan You Need to Know

Photo: Caitlin Miller photo of The Freebie Guy & Ashley Sharp

A Dallas-based charity that benefits women and children, Dwell with Dignity, has been a beneficiary of Motzny’s in the past.

Dwell with Dignity Executive Director Ashley Sharp said, “We were beyond thrilled to have The Freebie Guy surprise us at our warehouse with so many amazing items for our families’ homes. His generosity allows us to bring joy through design to dozens of single mothers and their children throughout the year.”

Written by Jo Ann Holt