Will Marvin the Martian, Illegal Space Alien, Get to Keep His Ray Gun?

Will Marvin the Martian, Illegal Space Alien, Get to Keep His Ray Gun?

The announcement that cartoon character Elmer Fudd will be disarmed in the new version of Looney Tunes recently made headlines. The decision to take away Fudd’s shotgun and replace it with a scythe divided fans, with some supporting the change and others outraged or just finding it all absurd. The New Looney Tunes will air on HBO Max, and it’s also been confirmed that Yosemite Sam has been stripped of his six-shooters. However, there’s no word yet on whether another famous Looney Tunes character will still be packing heat—will Marvin the Martian be allowed to keep his ray gun?

While characters representing hunters and cowboys have been disarmed, some might find it ironic if the character of a villainous space alien, one who frequently tries to destroy Earth, is allowed to keep his weapon. As Elmer Fudd might say, “Be vewy, vewy quiet—they’re hunting our rights.”

Will Marvin the Martian, Illegal Space Alien, Get to Keep His Ray Gun?

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The HBO Max Looney Tunes will feature plenty of classic cartoon violence, but producers won’t be featuring guns, at least for Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. It remains to be seen whether Marvin the Martian will be firing his ray gun at earthlings, or if the space alien will be disarmed as well. What do you think? Should Marvin the Martian have his ray gun taken away? Should Elmer Fudd get his shotgun back? Or should all Looney Tunes characters be disarmed?

Written by Authentic Texan