This New Pecan Rye Whiskey Features Ingredients From San Saba

Texas hasn’t shied away from the hard stuff, including a shot of rye whiskey every now and then. Heck, we even have an annual event celebrating this classic drink. So, when Standard Proof Whiskey Co. announced their new Craft Infused Pecan Rye Whiskey, we had to give it a whirl!

Coming out with five rye whiskey infusions which are now available in Texas, Standard Proof Whiskey Co. has given rye lovers and whiskey samplers five new tastes to enjoy. Consisting of the aforementioned Pecan Rye, in addition to Wildflower Rye, Golden Rye, Ginger Rye, and Emerald Rye, these infusions join the award-winning Red Eye Rye in the Standard Proof line-up. All of them are handcrafted using all-natural ingredients. Not only that, but their new Pecan Rye is made using some of the world’s best Pecans from right here in the Texas Hill Country—San Saba,to be exact. Known as the Pecan Capital of the World, it’s no wonder Standard Proof Whiskey Co. came here to source them for their product. When you want only the best flavor, then only the finest natural ingredients will do!


Photo: Standard Proof Whiskey Co.

Standard Proof launched Red Eye Rye, its first infused rye whiskey, in late 2017. Four Blue Palms LLC, the parent company of Standard Proof, is headquartered in Texas as well as Tennessee. “What started as behind the bar infusions by our bartenders for special guests has now become Standard Proof Whiskey Co.,” said Bob Angus, CEO of Four Blue Palms LLC. “Standard Proof is creating an entirely new sector of craft whiskey—Craft Infused Whiskey—and we have been overwhelmed by the excitement of our distribution and retail partners and most importantly the end consumer since launch.”


Photo: Standard Proof Whiskey Co. 

To commemorate the launch, the company has developed a new cocktail recipe that celebrates its Texas debut. The Standard Proof Texas Pecan Old Fashioned may just become your go-to drink when it’s time to level up at the end of a long day. Mix two ounces of Standard Proof Pecan Rye with a half-ounce of simple syrup and four dashes of Angostura bitters and you’ve got yourself a concoction that’s head and shoulders above the rest. And you should savor it like the good whiskey it is. As Mark Twain once said: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” The full Standard Proof line of Craft Infused Rye Whiskeys is now available here in Texas. And we’ll drink to that.

Written by Spring Sault