Live Like Texas Royalty: Stay at the Adolphus Hotel

Live Like Texas Royalty: Stay at the Adolphus Hotel

When you go to Dallas, you should look into staying at the Adolphus hotel.

The Adolphus Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Dallas. The building dates back to 1912. Originally, it was built to resemble a German castle. When the building was completed, it was one of the tallest buildings in Dallas, at 22 stories.

Building a structure that high was a challenge. The builders used horse-drawn carts to move earth. Wooden scaffolding surrounded the structure. The hotel took two years to complete. Of course, it’s still around today. So, the time and effort was worth it.

This hotel was a passion project of Adolphus Busch, the co-founder of the Anheuser-Busch company. Celebrities have always enjoyed the place. Former presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George HW Bush have all stayed here. Even British royalty, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, have been guests at the Adolphus hotel.

Live Like Texas Royalty: Stay at the Adolphus Hotel

Photo: @joshuab_photog via Twenty20

Marriott runs the Adolphus now, and the establishment has all of the modern amenities that anyone could ask for. A coffee shop features all sorts of drinks in the lobby, while a spa helps guests unwind. The Adolphus even features a men’s barbershop. Life is considerably easier now than it was in 1912!

In the warmer months, you can bask in the sun alongside a rooftop pool, with cocktail service. If your stay is limited to the colder months, you can reserve a rooftop cabin or igloo with friends and enjoy curling.

The hotel even allows pets with a $100 deposit. So, you don’t need to leave Fido or Mittens at home.

When everything gets back to normal, the Adolphus has nearly 30,000 square feet of event space spread across 15 rooms. You can host a small, intimate event or a major gala/conference. The choice is up to you.

Located in the downtown historic district, the hotel is close to Dallas’s art district, tree sculptures, and the Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures. They do have many different types of parking, including valet, for your convenience.  However, the area is walkable, with many restaurants and shops close by.

So choose the Adolphus Hotel for your next Dallas excursion. You won’t regret it!

Written by Paul Ehrlich