Stovetop Biscuits & Easy Doughnuts From One Dough!

Stovetop Biscuits & Easy Doughnuts From One Dough!

Who in Texas doesn’t love biscuits? The Simply Mamá Cooks YouTube channel features a quick biscuit fix you’re going to want to try when time is of the essence, but you’re not wishing to sacrifice taste. Sharing the roughly eight-minute video back in May 2020, the clip for stovetop biscuits, as well as a quick and easy doughnut recipe, has been viewed by more than 170K, and when you watch, you’ll know exactly why.

For whatever reason, TikTok has become an app by which trending videos for everything from hair and makeup tutorials to what’s cool to cook can be uploaded and viewed quickly and painlessly. The Simply Mamá Cooks YouTube channel scanned the popular online application for trending food practices and found that stovetop biscuits were trending. With the addition of the doughnut recipe and making use of canned biscuit dough, it makes for an entertaining and tasty offering you’ll probably find easy to follow in your own home! Not only that, but the finished product is something tasty.

Video: YouTube/Simply Mamá Cooks

Cooking in a cast-iron skillet isn’t something new to those kitchen creatives in the Lone Star State. We’ve practically written the rules on how to do so! However, we generally make use of such cookware for recipes which have been handed down over time through our families, and generally take more than a few minutes to put together. The stovetop biscuits above prepared by the Simply Mamá Cooks YouTube channel is so relatively quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it first! And, making use of the cast-iron skillet for the finished product seems to make it that much better.

Using the very same can of biscuit dough, the video further goes on to outline the cooking of a doughnut recipe which will have you dipping them into your coffee in no time flat. After cutting out the center of the biscuit dough with a water bottle top, the proper temperature for deep frying is set in the pan. After cooking, they sit for just a bit to cool and then are dredged through a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. The video also suggests that a glaze could be used, but either way, we’re sure these would taste great with some vanilla ice cream and maybe even some fresh Texas peaches!

Written by Spring Sault