Taken Captive by the Last Free Apaches in 1926: The Incredible True Story

Taken Captive by the Last Free Apaches in 1926: The Incredible True Story

Did you know that the last free Apaches were still living in freedom in the Sierra Madre into the 1930s? And that they took a rancher’s young son captive in 1926 and carried the boy off to be raised as one of their own?

The next great western has arrived. Readers are calling Far Blue Mountains an instant classic. The first book the Beloved Captive Trilogy (all three of which will be released within the span of one year), this historical epic was inspired by real people and real events. When powerful rancher Jubal McKenna welcomes an injured Apache girl into his family, he triggers an irrevocable exchange of destiny. The girl is a member of the last unsurrendered Apaches. They live in freedom well into the 20th century, hidden in the wild mountains of Mexico, where they keep the old ways. An eye for an eye, blood for blood—in reprisal, the Apaches kidnap Jubal’s young son, John Russell McKenna.

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They take the boy into the sierras to live as one of their own, a beloved captive. The boy is immersed in Apache culture, a world of freedom and adventure, brutal violence and strange magic. John Russell becomes Denali, an Apache warrior. Meanwhile Jubal searches the sierras for Apache camps, as the quest for revenge threatens to consume his soul. Get your copy here!

All the Grand Sweeping Majesty of a VistaVision, Technicolor Epic

Taken Captive by the Last Free Apaches in 1926: The Incredible True Story

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Far Blue Mountains is the introduction of a new talent on the Texas literary scene. Max McNabb is from Lubbock, Texas. The McNabb family are long-time farmers and cotton ginners in West Texas. Though the comic Norm Macdonald once jokingly referred to McNabb as a “lonesome drifter,” he still lives on the family farm a few miles outside of Ropesville.

McNabb’s prose is a joy to read and so suffused with a bone-deep sense of landscape that the mythic grandeur of the Sierra Madre can be felt on every page. At once an epic adventure and a darkly beautiful tragedy, Far Blue Mountains is a meditation on identity and destiny, freedom and revenge. The brilliance of its narrative construction is exceeded only by the raw emotional power of its contents. The stripped-down, spare prose captures the telling detail while remaining lyrical and deeply evocative. At turns somber and romantic, at turns violent and shot through with spiritual longing, Far Blue Mountains is a triumph.

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Taken Captive by the Last Free Apaches in 1926: The Incredible True Story

Photo: Max McNabb

Max McNabb is available for presentations on the historical facts behind his novel, providing audiences with a riveting presentation of the true story paired with actual photos of the real people involved. He can be booked for speaking engagements at this link. Visit his website here, and follow him on Facebook here.

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