The World's Smallest Target Store has Been Demolished

The World’s Smallest Target Store has Been Demolished

The art installation in Marathon, dubbed the “world’s smallest Target,” which was similar to the Marfa Prada store, was demolished last week as the owner of the former railroad building feared the now unstable edifice would harm a visitor. Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson said vandals had stolen some of the concrete blocks, which caused the structure to become unstable. Also, there have been some issues with bee swarms. Rattlesnake sightings have also been reported.

A part of the landscape and a truly out of place photo op since 2016, the install was created by an anonymous person or group who adorned the longstanding tiny cinderblock structure on Highway U.S. 90 with Target’s logo and lettering. Branding was the only shared aspect between this install and typical Targets, as the Marathon version was not actually a store and never sold products. The nearest actual Target to Marathon is in Odessa, and drive time between the two spots is over two hours.

The World's Smallest Target Store has Been Demolished

Photo: @macampos03 via Twenty20

Looking for remaining outdoor art open to the public while in West Texas? Fort Stockton is home to Paisano Pete, the largest roadrunner in the Lone Star State. This 11 feet tall and 22 feet long town mascot was erected in 1980 and is one of the most photographed ”birds” in the world. Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site is home to incredible and extensive pictographs made over 4,000 years ago. Tours are offered regularly. Another option is the Chinati Foundation, which is located at the former Fort D.A. Russell in Marfa, and boasts large scale outdoor artworks on over 300 acres. And, of course, there is always the awesome beauty of the incredible night sky, further searchable at a star party in McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains. What treasures have you discovered near Marathon?

Written by Honky Tonk Foodie