Caussey's Corner: Try Something New! Top Four Tips for Texans

Caussey’s Corner: Try Something New! Top Four Tips for Texans

Check out these top Texas tips for a healthy, happy lifestyle!

Get up and move!

Before you go to sleep and before you get up, do some low energy exercise while still in bed. Takes only about five minutes. Then as you go through your day, when sitting, take a few minutes and repeat. Start with your toes and wiggle and crunch. Wag your feet from side to side. Do some leg raises and hold a few seconds. Raise your arms above your head and swing them over your head back and forth, stretching your fingers. Turn your neck slowly from side to side as you do this. Conclude with 5-10 sit-ups. Sit only when necessary; a body in motion is good for the body. However, this should not hinder a short afternoon nap.

Caussey's Corner: Try Something New! Top Four Tips for Texans

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Find a quiet place or time for quiet

Below my house is an isolated, quiet, small lake. Sometimes around sunup or near darkness I journey down to the lake called Emerald. I sit on a bench near the water listening to it ripple against the shore. No one is ever around. As the wind walks through the tall cottonwoods nearby, restless birds make friendly noises. Beavers splash as they prepare their meal. My soul becomes quiet. My mouth is shut, and mind at rest. I dream the dreams of a child. I pray to my Heavenly Father. Heart becomes open to suggestions helping to enrich my being. All is forgiven, mistakes are erased, and pardon is granted. I invite you to find such a place. Your Emerald Lake can be in your bedroom, office, car, on an afternoon walk. Fill your bucket, excite your mind, and open your heart.

Caussey's Corner: Try Something New! Top Four Tips for Texans

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Learn to say “No!”

Most of my life has been spent trying to please others. Sometimes at my own expense. It is a shame I had to get old before discovering it is okay to say “No.” My answer now is predicated on what is best for me. That includes my friends, kids and spouse. Even my grandchildren. And when I do say “No” I have no regrets, without even a tiny teaspoon of guilt. I have to protect myself, even if it means disappointing someone I care deeply about. I’m not going to agree to something that compromises my values, requires undue physical or financial burden, or eats up my precious time unnecessarily. Only agree to do what you feel you can do comfortably, without undue loss. Ask yourself before you say “Yes,” is this good for me, leaving me stress free? Sometimes telling someone “No” is best for both of us. Don’t let pity drip into your free will.

Caussey's Corner: Try Something New! Top Four Tips for Texans

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Do something crazy!

Now don’t jump to conclusions. I don’t mean things like: rob a bank, steal a watermelon or get naked and howl at the moon. Something that you wouldn’t normally do or consider that will add a little spice to your life. Last Halloween my wife and I went to a party dressed as a gunslinger and a dance hall girl. I told everyone I was really Marshall Matt Dillion of Gunsmoke, while my bride was Miss Kitty. That caused quite a stir among the church folks at the party. She looked beautiful in her high heeled shoes, short dress with ruffles and a purple feather in her hair. I tried to show off by attempting a quick draw, but I kept dropping my gun as my holster and belt slipped down to my knees. The preacher told me I looked more like Festus Hagan than the Marshall. So skip a little when you walk, go to a monster movie, listen to a little Patsy Cline music, learn ballroom dancing, or kiss your sweetheart right on the mouth even if it’s on the second floor or the Galleria in front of everyone.

Durhl Caussey is a syndicated columnist who writes for Texas Hill Country and Authentic Texan. He may be reached at this website or

Written by Durhl Caussey