Can Gun Sales Predict the Results of the Presidential Election?

Can Gun Sales Predict the Results of the Presidential Election?

Amid the unrest of 2020, gun sales are soaring like never before. The most important surge in firearm purchases, however, might be in swing states vital to deciding the outcome of this year’s election. A look at gun sales and the demographics of first-time buyers not only reveals a tectonic shift in American culture, it could also be a surefire way of predicting the winning presidential candidate. Can gun sales predict the winner of the election? Lock and load, and let’s take a look, with a little help from

Retailers are reporting close to a 100% increase in gun sales during 2020 so far, compared to the same time period last year. This is especially impressive, considering that for much of the year, gun shows were shut-down by COVID-19 restrictions and many gun stores were also closed in states that refused to view legal gun sales as “essential business.” Online options like, which works within the bounds of federal licensing, proved to be vitally important for Americans wanting to protect their families and homes. 2020 has largely been a cauldron of fear and unrest. While the nation reels from the economic impact of lockdown restrictions leading to millions of unemployed citizens, major cities have been undergoing large-scale riots with simultaneous demands to defund the police. The uncertainty of the times has led to a near-doubling of gun sales, and experts say this could have profound election implications. It might even be the case that gun sales predict the next American President.

Surprising Demographics of New Gun-Buyers

Can Gun Sales Predict the Results of the Presidential Election?

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First-time gun buyers made up an estimated 40% of new purchases during the first seven months of the year, with an estimated five million first-time purchases. This astounding data led Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President of General Counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), to call 2020 a “complete transformation” of the gun-owning community.

The demographics of firearm buyers in 2020 could indicate an outcome for the election. According to the NSSF, African-Americans represented 58% of all gun purchases, showing the largest increase of any demographic. 40% of first-time gun buyers were women.

Can Gun Sales Predict the Results of the Presidential Election?

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Urban unrest and concern over an uncertain future have caused demographics that weren’t traditionally gun-buyers to take on the responsibility of owning a firearm. Those two demographics, along with blue-collar voters who lean Democrat, are being actively courted by President Trump.

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Gun Sales in Swing States Hold Deep Implications

Can Gun Sales Predict the Results of the Presidential Election?

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Upholding the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense is a key part of the Trump campaign’s platform. The Republican incumbent differs on gun rights with Joe Biden, his Democrat rival. Former Vice-President Biden’s strong anti-gun rhetoric has included mandating “smart-guns” and prohibiting the manufacture and sale of what the media has termed “assault weapons.” A primary motivation for some first-time gun buyers is concern over the ability to buy a semi-automatic firearm if Biden is elected.

Gun sales in swing states might reveal the deepest implications of all for the results of the 2020 presidential election. A swing state is one that has the potential to flip red or blue over election cycles. This year, the Cook Political Report deemed Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin toss-ups, along with the possibility of North Carolina. Swing states could be the tipping point that determines which candidate wins the electoral colleges and secures the presidency. Gun sales in major swing states are up about 80% as indicated by the uptick in the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. If gun sales in swing states are any indication, it’s looking increasingly likely that Donald Trump will win a second term as the President of the United States. Do you think gun sales can predict the winner of the election?

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Written by Max McNabb