These Inspiring Animal Rescues Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

These Inspiring Animal Rescues Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

There is inspiration all around us, on a daily basis. Some of it can be found in large and outstanding examples which you’ll often see highlighted on the nightly news. Others can be found in small acts of kindness that rarely go noticed by others but prove to have a great impact. One such example is the rescue of animals which have found themselves in scary and not-so-common predicaments. Here in Texas, we have a vast array of wildlife, many of which are finding their natural habitats to be changing at a frightening pace. As a result, they may travel new routes that they’re unsure of in order to get to familiar feeding grounds or breeding areas. With increasing human contact, they tend to make use of various ways and means of survival they wouldn’t necessarily have done before, which can sometimes result in catastrophe. In instances where man can help, they have done their best, resulting in some inspiring animal rescues.

Top 5 Best, a YouTube channel that features list videos which are perfect for binge watching, has a roughly 10-minute clip entitled, “10 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues.” It’s a shining example of humanity working at its utmost to assist nature to survive. Often times, we neglect the fact that the actions and creations of the human race have placed one of our most valued assets (our wildlife) at risk in ways they’ve never before seen. In still others, they have simply managed to end up in predicaments we have never encountered before and couldn’t bare to watch as they suffer a fate less than prosperous. That’s when such inspiring animal rescues have occurred.

Video: YouTube/Top 5 Best

From a kitten on a major freeway to a baby elephant stuck in a hole, from a paralyzed dog to a jaguar in the Amazon jungle, this video has several examples of inspiring animal rescues that tug at your heartstrings. Many are relatable to instances which have happened here in the Lone Star State, and some are illustrations of the extent to which mankind can go to actually live up to the word “kind” in that title. You don’t often have to look far to see such stories. Here in Texas, for example, animal shelters and rescues throughout the state have outstanding stories of the saving of wildlife in ways we may never have before thought possible. In May 2018, an area cowboy actually roped an alligator that was stopping traffic on Highway 59 in Southeast Texas! He wrangled it and released it at a nearby lake the next day, ensuring its safety. When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, there were amazing illustrations of animal rescues that took place, including good Samaritans saving 21 dogs in Houston during flooding. We have it in us to be compassionate, and doing so for those other species that inhabit the Earth is a kindness most often paid back in the process of the act itself.

Written by Spring Sault