The Perfect Texas Hill Country Wildflower Day Trip

When temperatures warm across the Texas Hill Country, it’s a sign that wildflower season is coming on. You’re likely to see some bluebonnets blooming along the highways in the weeks before seeing peak blooms. If you’re considering this trip, I would suggest taking it toward the latter part of March or early April. You can view the detailed Google map here.

5. Round Rock

The Perfect Texas Hill Country Wildflower Day Trip
Photo: Jason Weingart

Start in Round Rock. There are usually several wildflower fields along Highway 79 including Palm Valley Lutheran Church and Dell Diamond. North off of Highway 79 on A.W. Grimes Parkway, about one mile on the right, is a historic cemetery that is usually packed full of bluebonnets.

4. Fredericksburg

The Perfect Texas Hill Country Wildflower Day Trip

Photo: Facebook/Savannah Weingart

Fredericksburg is home to Wildseed Farms. The attraction is located on Highway 290 and has several large fields where wildflowers are grown to harvest seeds. During Spring, you can find fields of bluebonnets and red poppies here. The majority of fields are fenced off with no access, but there is a sizeable field in the middle of the complex where you are allowed to take photos in a mixture of wildflowers.

3. Willow City

The Perfect Texas Hill Country Wildflower Day Trip
Photo: Flickr/Michael Bleyzer

Off Highway 16, between the towns of Fredericksburg and Llano, is the scenic Willow City Loop. This stretch of road traverses rolling hills and mountainous landscapes with excellent roadside bluebonnets. The caveat is that this is not a well-kept secret, so expect large crowds especially on the weekends. Also, the land off the road is private property, so respect the owner’s wishes and do not venture off the road.

2. Llano

The Perfect Texas Hill Country Wildflower Day Trip
Photo: Jason Weingart

Llano always has great roadside wildflowers. West of town, Highway 71 runs northwest to the ghost town of Pontotoc. This stretch is always lined with wildflowers and has large shoulders for you to pull well off the road. Follow Highway 16 south to Baby Head Cemetery (explaining that name is a whole nother article) for an excellent mix of Indian paintbrush and Texas bluebonnets.

1. Kingsland

The Perfect Texas Hill Country Wildflower Day Trip
Photo: Jason Weingart

Kingsland is quickly becoming one of the premier locations for wildflower hunters to see brilliant colors each Spring. Farm to Market Road 1431 had fantastic fields of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush in 2016. The railroad tracks that run through town have been decommissioned and are overrun with bluebonnets. Just past the railroad track crossing on FM 1431 is County Road 321. Turn left on this dirt road and follow it back to the train tracks. This is a good spot off the beaten path to park your car. Hike the railroad tracks, about a half mile west, and you will find a historic angled-iron bridge surrounded by bluebonnets.

Take Highway 29 back towards I-35 to see terrific roadside bluebonnets and mixed fields of wildflowers.

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Written by Jason Weingart

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