Lone Star State Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Texas Trivia?

Can you beat our Texas trivia and prove yourself a tried and true Texan? The Alamo isn’t all that you’ll have to remember if you hope to beat this quiz.

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    What year was The Declaration of Texas Independence Signed?

    • 1845
    • 1836
    • 1862
    • 1776
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    What City Served as the Capital of the Republic of Texas from 1837 to 1839?

    • San Antonio
    • Austin
    • Houston
    • San Marcos
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    What soda was first served in Waco in 1885?

    • Dr Pepper
    • Mr. Pib
    • Coke
    • Sprite
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    Which is the largest county in the Lone Star State?

    • Hockley
    • Culberson
    • Brewster
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    Which of these legendary men died at the Alamo?

    • Daniel Boone
    • Davy Crockett
    • John Wesley Hardin
    • Bigfoot Wallace
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    What is the State Flower of Texas?

    • Bluebonnet
    • Indian Paintbrush
    • Yellow Rose
    • Tulip
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    Who was the first U. S. President to be born in Texas?

    • Lyndon Johnson
    • Dwight Eisenhower
    • George W. Bush
    • William McKinley

Written by Max McNabb