Texas Beef King Ranch Casserole is a Tasty Sunday Dinner Treat

Texas Beef King Ranch Casserole is a Tasty Sunday Dinner Treat

One of the more popular Texas-inspired dishes is that of the King Ranch casserole. This Tex-Mex dish takes its name from one of the largest ranches in the Lone Star State, heck, in the entire U.S. Despite the fact that its exact origins are a little bit foggy, this meal has gone down in Texas fame, with a few variations here and there. Shared on the Beef Loving Texans website, recipe details are provided below for Texas Beef King Ranch Casserole.

Although the direct connection between the casserole and the King Ranch can’t truly be made, it hasn’t harmed the meal in the popularity department. Traditionally a sauce made of canned diced tomatoes (most commonly of the Ro-Tel brand), cream of mushroom soup, green chiles, cream of chicken soup, peppers, onions, and shredded pieces of chicken are involved. The bottom of the dish is lined with either tortilla chips or corn tortillas, and then layered with the aforementioned sauce, and topped with shredded cheese. For Texas Beef King Ranch Casserole, however, two pounds of sirloin are used, along with a delicious beef broth in the sauce!

Texas Beef King Ranch Casserole

Texas Beef King Ranch Casserole is a Tasty Sunday Dinner Treat


Key ingredients for this recipe include:



Bell Peppers


Garlic & Chili Powders

Beef Broth

Diced Tomatoes

Cheddar Cheese

Corn Tortillas


For a full ingredient listing, complete with measurements and easy-to-follow instruction, visit the Beef Loving Texans website at the link provided here. Preparation and cooking time together will take more than an hour (at a minimum), so be prepared to spend some time in the kitchen. Not to worry, it’s absolutely worth it! The weblink suggests a time-saver in the substitution of either leftover steak or pot roast, or the option of buying fully cooked, shredded beef, if you’re so inclined. Otherwise, each step is outlined clearly for the making of this delicious Texas Beef King Ranch Casserole and there is no way this is not going to turn out tasty, by any stretch of the imagination!

Written by Spring Sault