Texas Becomes Most Pro-Gun State in the Country with New Gun Laws

Governor Greg Abbott recently signed new Texas legislation designed to protect the rights of gun owners. Abbott signed seven bills into law at the Alamo: Senate Bills 19, 20, 550, and House Bills 957, 1500, 1927, and 2622. The governor noted that the laws will help ranchers on the border defend themselves from cartel and gang violence. He also plans for Texas to construct a border wall to help prevent illegal border crossings.

The governor’s support for the gun-rights bills and border wall plans comes after he faced a firestorm of criticism for his controversial mask mandate.

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Here’s a round-up of the new laws.



Constitutional carry right in the Lone Star State. Texas, among almost two dozen other states, will allow anyone who can legally own a gun to carry that weapon legally. Effective September 1, 2021.



Texas becomes a second amendment sanctuary state. “This helps to shield Texas and Texans from overreaching federal government laws that we will not allow any Texan to enforce in the Lone Star State,” the governor said. This law regulates enforcement of specific federal laws that regulate firearms, weapons accessories, and ammunition in Texas. Effective September 1, 2021.



Government entities are prevented from prohibiting sale or transportation of guns or ammunition during a declared disaster. Effective September 1, 2021.



Prohibits any government entity from contracting with a business that discriminates against firearm and ammunition businesses and gun-owner rights groups. Effective September 1, 2021.



Holster choice. Texans can carry their gun in whatever type of holster they choose. Effective September 1, 2021.

Texas Becomes Most Pro-Gun State in the Country with New Gun Laws

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Travelers in Texas are protected by having the right to store forearms in their hotel room. Hotels cannot adopt a policy prohibiting guests from carrying and storing a firearm in their room. Effective September 1, 2021.



Any firearm suppressor made in Texas that stays in Texas won’t be subject to federal law or federal regulations. Devices that “silence” a firearm can go unregistered if the device was constructed in Texas, packaging was stamped “Made in Texas,” and if it remains in Texas. Effective September 1, 2021.

Written by Max McNabb