Two Texas Towns are in the Top 10 Driver-Friendly Cities

Two Texas Towns are in the Top 10 Driver-Friendly Cities

How does your city rate in WalletHub’s list of the most driver-friendly places in the U.S.? Two Texas cities are listed in the data-gathering group’s ranking of “2020’s Best & Worst Cities to Drive in.” Corpus Christi is #3 and Plano is #6 in their top 10.

More good news: none of our Texas cities made it into the top 10 worst cities for drivers!

WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities using 31 key metrics, ranging from average gas prices to annual hours in traffic congestion per auto commuter. They also considered the number of auto-repair shops per capita.

It’s easy to see why drivers in Corpus Christi might be friendlier or more stress-free than most of us. says “Corpus Christi possesses all of the main ingredients of an ideal weekend getaway: the sun, the sea, the sights, plus exhilarating and engaging activities the whole family can enjoy. Spend the day on the beach soaking up the sun or wind surfing, the breezy city’s favorite pastime.”

 Plano: Driver-friendly City

Two Texas Towns are in the Top 10 Driver-Friendly Cities

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Lincoln, NE was the #1 best city for friendly drivers, with Raleigh, NC ranked #2. Greensboro, NC was #4, and Boise ID #5. Others who made the top 10 were Winston-Salem NC, Nashville TN, Orlando FL, and Omaha NE. San Antonio has the lowest average gas prices in the country, at $1.75 per gallon. Corpus Christi tied with Reno, Nevada for the lowest average parking rate, only $1 per two hours.

Toyota North America opened their sprawling new headquarters campus in Plano in 2017, bringing 4,000 employees to the fast-growing city in North America. Many of their employees relocated from the previous national headquarters in California, but others were hired locally. There’s no doubt that Toyota’s presence in Plano, with an initial investment of $1 Billion, has been a major economic boon to the city. Since their employees are also well-trained, expert drivers, that probably helps maintain Plano’s driver-friendly status.

To view the full report and your city’s rank, visit this link.

Lubbock: Least Time in Traffic

Two Texas Towns are in the Top 10 Driver-Friendly Cities

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Another Texas city, Lubbock, was ranked in first place for the lowest annual hours spent in traffic congestion. All of which should add up to friendlier driving, but Lubbock still didn’t make the top 100 in their list of friendliest cities for driving. However, Lubbock was ranked #2 (just after San Antonio) for lowest average gas prices. The West Texas city is also ranked #4 for lowest cost of auto repairs.

In another WalletHub survey, Laredo is ranked #2 in several categories that should provide stress relief. They have the lowest rate of car thefts and the lowest rate of accidents per vehicle. Maybe because no one has to “drive it like you stole it” in Laredo.

Written by Jo Ann Holt