Video Shows Texas Delivery Driver Refusing to Help Fallen Old Man

Video Shows Texas Delivery Driver Refusing to Help Fallen Old Man

Viral Video: On Saturday in Freeport, Texas, a FedEx driver on his route might have put himself in the hot seat. Video caught on a doorbell camera shows the driver failing to provide aid to a man who had fallen down.

The 89-year-old who was on the ground asked the driver for some assistance. The driver turned and responded, “I can’t do that, boss.” When the fallen man asked again, the driver said, “Yeah, I can’t do that, I’m sorry.”

Video: Facebook/ABC7/Maria Corona Kouches

According to the fallen man’s daughter, he was on the ground for 10 minutes before she arrived to help him. His daughter stated that he’s usually assisted by a walker, but he often refuses to use the walker or forgets about it, and that he also suffers from dementia and gets easily confused.

While to our knowledge, the FedEx driver himself has not said anything about his actions, many commenting on the video have had various reactions. The family of the man is obviously outraged, stating the driver could have at least called 911 or rang the doorbell. Others commenting have shared similar anger, demanding the employee should be fired. A few have been sympathetic, suggesting that the employee may have been following company protocol regarding COVID-19 preventative measures.


Photo: @shanti via Twenty20

FedEx released the following statement concerning the incident: “We extend our thoughts and concerns for the well-being of the person depicted in this video. The safety of our team members and customers in the communities that we serve is our highest priority. We are reviewing the circumstances behind this incident and will take the appropriate action.”

FedEx has updated their service plan and protocols in a variety of ways. These updated measures can be viewed on their website. What do you think? Was the driver out of line by not helping the customer get up? Was the driver attempting to follow COVID protocol too strictly, or do you approve his approach?

Written by Matthew Monk