The West Texas County so Flat That it's Capital is Named Levelland

The West Texas County so Flat that it’s Capital is Named Levelland

Hockley County, in the Texas South Plains, isn’t exactly crowded. Even their county seat, Levelland, has never been a big city. Levelland’s first courthouse was only about 16×32 feet in area. It featured a community black-eyed pea patch.

But oil was discovered in Levelland. Of course, people and prosperity followed. Although still small (population 13,660), there’s plenty to see in Levelland.

Levelland is known as the city of mosaics, and for good reason. Levelland residents have been placing mosaics on their buildings since the late ’60s. Now there are nine mosaics in Levelland, along with a clay tile mural. Artists create mosaics by combining small pieces of glass or other materials into one larger piece of art. Mosaics have been created for thousands of years, by cultures such as Native Americans and the ancient Egyptians.

You can find a self-guided tour of Levelland’s mosaics at this link.

The West Texas County so Flat That it's Capital is Named Levelland

Photo: @Kat7 via Twenty20

If you’ve already seen the mosaics, you might want to check out Levelland’s downtown area. The historic district has plenty of shopping and other activities. You can explore furniture stores, an antique store, and even a couple of art galleries.

There are also a number of great restaurants in town if you get hungry.

Downtown Levelland also offers events throughout the year.

On December 1st, 2020, they’re hosting a Christmas tree lighting ceremony along with a parade, which apparently is in reverse this year. That might be a fun holiday event to attend as a family.

If you’re female, you may want to attend the Ladies Night Out event, which is happening in November.

Businesses can stay open late, and they have doormen dressed in full costume, ready to assist you. A horse-drawn carriage will even transport shoppers from store to store!

The West Texas County so Flat That it's Capital is Named Levelland

Photo: @dcallahan83 via Twenty20

You also may not be alone while you’re exploring Levelland. In 1957, many people claimed to spot UFOs in the city and surrounding area. The Levelland sightings are among of the most famous in UFO history. Also, folks have claimed to see ghosts in some of the major buildings here.

A few country music celebrities attended South Plains College, which is in Levelland. These celebrities include Natalie Maines and LeeAnn Womack.

So if you’re feeling adventurous, explore Hockley County and Levelland! The city is only 30 minutes from Lubbock. It may be flat, but there’s plenty to do!

Written by Paul Ehrlich