Long-Running Reality TV Show ‘Cops’ Canceled Amid Protests

Long-Running Reality TV Show ‘Cops’ Canceled Amid Protests

The long-running reality TV show “Cops” has been officially canceled amidst numerous protests against what activists deem police brutality and racial inequality. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 has spurred a growing movement for changes in police policy, including protests throughout Texas. The show “Cops” originally aired on the FOX network, and it had since moved to Spike TV, and finally, Paramount, which made the decision to cancel the series. It previously came under fire twice in the last two decades for having content heavily highlighting white police officers and African- American or Hispanic suspects.

Long-Running Reality TV Show ‘Cops’ Canceled Amid Protests

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The TV series followed county sheriff’s deputies and police officers during their activities and patrols, the majority involving the arrest of suspects in non-violent crimes. Each segment would typically consist of three parts, often ending in an arrest. Researchers from Old Dominion University released a report in June 1994 identifying that the show often portrayed Latino and African-American men as perpetrators, with very few white suspects featured. The police officers it followed were also most often white. When John Langley, the show’s co-creator, was informed of the study results, he made an active effort to include white offenders as a part of each episode.

Long-Running Reality TV Show ‘Cops’ Canceled Amid Protests

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10 years later, another study found similar results. It was accused of focusing on crimes committed by the poorer class, and in rebuttal, the creators said there weren’t enough white-collar arrests to include in the demanding format. Likewise, some departments have refused to allow “Cops” TV crews to ride along with their members.

In 2013, the Color of Change civil rights group started a campaign pleading with the FOX network not to renew the “Cops” series. They urged advertisers to withdraw their support of the unscripted show and claimed that since its 1989 debut, it has distorted and dehumanized those portrayed as suspects in the criminal justice system, particularly black Americans, for a profit. At the time of its cancellation, the show was in the process of preparing for a 33rd season premiere on June 15, 2020, and there are currently more than 1,100 episodes.


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  1. Yeah now is the time to show MORE cops on TV. We need to show these crybabies by far most cops are good people that are here to help you. They need to see 99% of the people cops deal with are losers that make their job difficult.

  2. the show is owned by the producers not the viewers … they can cancel it at their whim … but it’s a sad commentary … much like kneeling and asking for forgiveness for being white …

  3. We need to stop caving in to the mindless demands by these fascist crybabies. Police as a whole are good, honorable, hard working people who run TOWARDS trouble, not away from. Is there a bad one sometimes? Sure! Just like in any profession! Are all professional athletes thugs just because someone is once in a while? Nope! 99.99999% of our police are heroes.
    What happened to the honoring of all our first responders? Now suddenly police are not honored?

  4. There are bad people scattered everywhere and police departments are no exception, but turning George Floyd’s death (which was heartbreaking and despicable) into an anti-police movement is misplaced. To me, the responsibility lies with the Chief of Police there and maybe the mayor (if that’s how it operates there), who owed a duty to review conduct and get rid of problem cops. Anyone who gets to carry a gun on his hip needs to be held to a higher standard. Officer Derek Chauvin had a history of bad conduct, yet he was still active on their force. He also knew Floyd prior to the incident as they both served as security for a club, and they didn’t get along, making this incident personal and not random. It was a murder by a bully cop with a personal grudge against Floyd. I hope he and the cowardly cops who sat by and watched are justly punished.

  5. I have ridden with officers many times, Travis Co, Austin Police and DPS. Most calls are very routine. It’s very seldom that anyone would even try to run from an officer or resist arrest. These shows show stuff that actually happens. They do not pick and choose what color the offender is. had it not been for the camera crew, we wouldn’t get this insite as to what goes on and I think that’s the goal of the show to show what actually goes down. They could dumb it down and only show you the routine calls, like the lady filing a report of frozen food someone must have stolen from her freezer. but the traffic stops and in progress calls tend to be the most exciting. Taking this away yo will see less and less of what police encounter. I would encourage anyone to is making decisions about police spending to ride out and see what they actually encounter. But I will say that the last time Austin Police shoot a man, there are body cameras that exist and APD will not release them. That’s what happens. They asked us taxpayers to pay for the cameras and they will not show them to us. I can’t explain why more black people commit more violent crimes. Actually I can and it involves education and being taught to respect authority, etc. But i’m very disappointed about taking these shows off the air.

  6. Hoss Dallas,Tx I believe the reason why the BLM are pushing against Police shows is because they can’t hide the truth on how they act out and are disrespectful. They blame others for their childish behavior and improper attitudes. They’re using these protests to cover up their criminal activities and disruptive views. They want Society to change only for their benefit. I want these Police shows because they are reality and I believe in the Laws of our Country. Thank You First Responders.

  7. I don’t think it should be canceled but see how people can change. We need to see people trying to change and come together so things George went through Never happens again. Forget Big Brother, we all need to change for the better and remember we’re all Gods children and he created us all EQUAL. Please NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS

  8. Is this America anymore. Why are we letting the left take over our Nation!!
    Common sense is not very common anymore.
    If we don’t have law and order we don’t have a country.
    Coach G

  9. Let’s just sit in a corner and cry about every little thing we don’t like. I can’t stand 90% of the crap on TV. I don’t ask to have it taken off, I just turn off the TV or change the channel.

  10. Ok, I get everyone gets a “vote”, but I don’t think we honestly have gotten a vote. I like COPS. I haven’t ever assaulted a black person and I don’t plan on doing it. I follow the rules. No Drugs, nothing like that. Really folks? Let’s be fair….

  11. This is pandering, and a disgrace.
    If people don’t commit crimes there would be no reason for police to pursue them.
    These actions have had a very negative effect on me.
    Who are these same people to call if they have a problem- the Girl Scouts?

  12. Take a good look at the police force with SAPD. There are many good officers who are black and Hispanic. Some are white, as well. But to label all cops as bad because of some situation up in Minnesota is outrageous as best. San Antonio is so diverse that it would be impossible to label who gets stopped for what. If we treat our law enforcement like they are criminals for something most of them would never do, we may lose them. Then what will happen to us? Do we really want to have no one to call when we have trouble? Does it make sense?

  13. Why is it unfair to portray the criminal as to the majority of the actual criminals doing the crime?? This is REALITY TV, isn’t it?? I guess that’s what they mean by saying “the truth hurts”. Check the statistics!!

  14. Cancelling shows like “Cops” does nothing more than play into the hands of the criminal left who are destroying this country!

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